Randy has lived in the Olympia Fields community for 27 years with his wife Debbie and they have two sons. He was born and raised in Chicago Heights, IL. and graduated from Bloom Township. Being a Music Education Major at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and a Performing Arts Major at the The American Conservatory of Music prepared him to negotiate major recording contracts with RCA and Atlantic Records and so he went on with his wife, and as the leader of the band, to become a popular R & B recording artist.

In the 1990’s, The Universe steered him in the direction of Olive Harvey College and the Ancient Egyptian Institute, where he developed an insatiable quest for the rich history and knowledge of self. What began as curiosity, became an all consuming quest to learn about that illusive and mysterious history that was never taught in the American school systems. This information, which had purposely been withheld, caused him to dedicate the balance of his life to on going research for valuable information that was hidden and forbidden and to this day, is rarely revealed to the masses.

After three years of study under Professor Walter Williams, he became the Program Director of The Ancient Egyptian Museum from 1993 – 2001. He worked directly with historian, Asa Hillard, on The Portland Base-Line Essays, and had the pleasure to meet and converse with Dr. John Henrick Clark, Anthony (Tony) Browder, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Delbert Blair and also studied under the tutelage of the late great Phil Cohran for approximately 10 years. Today, he consults with individuals, eager to learn about the history they never knew existed, and on many levels, this is the Critical Race Theory that so many are afraid to hear and or mention. He says, for far too many years, the world was fed a selective form of history, as seen only through the eyes of those who had conquered the land.

Randy is a two term Board of Education Member of the Rich Township High School District 227, and was twice voted as President of the Board. Now a proximate Fellow and Director-At-Large with the South Cook Board, he is also a Delegate for the South Cook. He has been a member of Rotary International, District 6450 since 2014, and is now, President Elect for the Rotary Club of the Southland.

Being blessed with having an entrepreneurial spirit, Randy has owned multiple companies over the years. Ran Express, Inc, All Trades Contractors, and BudMar Investment Group LLC. He’s the former owner and operator of Rich City Skate in Richton Park , IL. which was honored with an Emmy nomination for the highly acclaimed, “United Skates Documentary” in 2019, and he currently owns BudMar Medical Supplies. His forthcoming book is in process, and will prove to the world why he considers himself a proven leader who believes in…..